This blog aims to be a resource providing reviews of fantasy books by women writers. It will demonstrate that:

a) women have been writing fantasy since the genre’s beginnings,

b) many of their books should qualify as classics, and

c) many of their books are, in fact, better than “classics” by their male counterparts, and have at least aged better.

How it works

People send me reviews of eligible books, I post them here. That’s books that are fantasy (but not YA or children’s sf), first published during the twentieth century or before and, most importantly, written by women.

They don’t have to be titles from the fantasy mistressworks list – you might, perhaps, think the book you want to review deserves to be on the list anyway. It doesn’t matter if there’s already a review of the book on the site: I like the idea of books having multiple reviews; it generates a conversation about individual titles.

Reviews don’t have to be original to this site. I’ll happily take reprints, and will link through if desired to the review’s original appearance (assuming it’s online).

If you need a word limit, then 500 words or more should be enough. I’ll source cover-art for the review. If you want to submit under a pseudonym, I’m happy with that. You don’t need my permission to select the book you want to review, I ask only that it’s eligible. I can’t promise I’ll post every review I’m sent, and if something is confusingly-phrased in a review I may ask for clarification.

Reviews don’t have to be positive, though, of course, I’d hope they would be.

I think that covers it. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Please send any reviews to AMANDA _ RUTTER AT HOTMAIL DOT COM for review and posting.


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